The Gardner

A Poem

Niki Madore
Mar 14, 2021


Photo by Paolo Chiabrando on Unsplash

There is a secret
buried somewhere inside
or out in the dirt.

Left there as a child
in hopes that one day
it would disappear.

The problem with gardening
is that no matter what you bury,
it always tends to grow.

There is no worse lie
then a lie to yourself
but here we are just the same.

The soul is persistent
to say very little,
and doesn't like secrets.

Daily he visits
the unturned earth,
pleading in his voice:

“Would you not rather live this life?”



Niki Madore

An avid reader, poet, deep thinker, skier, and occasional skydiver. Always encouraging others to begin their journey to live authentically.